Brave Pets Edinburgh based dog walking, pet sitting and doggy day care

Send your dog on a daily adventure.

We believe that brave dogs are those who spend their days adventuring in the great outdoors, sniffing and exploring with their pals in the fresh air, rather than spending too much time getting up to mischief at home.


Why choose us?

What we do differently and why our customers LOVE us

There are several dog walkers and pet sitters in Edinburgh, so what makes Brave Pets so special and why choose us to look after your best friends over anyone else?

Here are 3 reasons:

We're committed

To animal welfare

We encourage further learning and provide training to all our sitters. All our sitters are fully trained in animal first aid and we encourage further learning through the British College of Canine Studies.

Our walks aren’t just walks

They're adventures

We spend at least an hour and a half adventuring in parks and the countryside. We don’t clock watch and encourage play, learning and games that compliment your dog's breed.

We're Fully Insured

And disclosure checked

All our staff have been through a thorough selection process. We have all passed a criminal record check and are fully insured. We’re also registered with Edinburgh city council and can walk dogs in all of the city’s parks.

What we do

brave pets meet and greet

Meet and Greet

Before we take on a dog for a walk we will meet with you and your pooch to see how we can best work together. For pet sitting, we’ll also meet with you, ideally in your home, so that we can best agree a sitting plan. At this meeting we’ll assess if your dog is suitable for a group walk, or if they’re best to enjoy a 1 on 1 walk.

Scoot off for an adventure

We’ll pick up your pup in our comfy Brave Van where they’ll join up to 5 other pals in separate crates. We then scoot across town to one of Edinburgh’s amazing outdoor spaces, where we’ll spend at least an hour and thirty minutes enjoying the great outdoors. We don’t include the travel time in your session, so your pet gets at least the full agreed time.



If you need us to take your pup to the vet, or need us to pick something up, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We proud of our code of conduct

We treat every every animal and their home like they are our own. All our sitters must abide by our code of conduct and we do not compromise on ensuring that every day with us, your pet is living their best life.

Here's why we think your dog would love a Brave Adventure

Dogs are pack animals and they just love braving the outdoors with other dogs and humans. We encourage regular social interaction and we see less separation and social anxiety from dogs who spend more time with other dogs.

We spend our walks in woodlands, up hills, along the sea shore and anywhere else dogs love to hang out. We encourage play and interaction which compliment your dogs breed. 


What sets us apart

  • Keep dogs fit healthy and happy
  • Encourage mental stimulation through adventures, brain games and scent exploring
  • Small groups of dogs which suit each other
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Pick up and drop off at your home
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Staff that adore pets
  • Hand Pointing Right
    We spend at least an hour and half outside
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Daily updates on your pets including stories, photos and videos.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    A modern scheduling system where you can communicate with your sitter, make online payments and even update us with any new information on your pet
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Cat care specialists who work extensively with felines and understand their specific needs

What the humans are saying

   chester can't wait for his 

daily outing with Brave!     

Chester is so excited when he sees Conrad arrive for his daily trip to one of Edinburgh's amazing out door spaces. Conrad's been great at reinforcing our training, and Chester arrives back every evening completely knackered! It really helps us with his training because he's out of crazy energy when he returns home.

Anna Olson, Chester’s Mom